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General Description

An LMS system that enables content management and monitoring of the learning process of the company's employees


The system works on a browser that supports all toes of browsers (in IE version 11)


The LMS is stored on Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS)


The system knows how to read data learned in SCORM protocol version 1.4


  • HTTPS protocol

  • SSL certificate

  • The data in the database is encrypted and protected

  •  Use of cookie session with every server request


API that will enable interfacing with existing customer systems.


Support in Hebrew and English

General Description

HiTeach maintains and tests the system and regularly upgrades:

● Security

● Load resistance

● Page health and functionality

● UX / UI tests.


● Update and add features to your application on a regular basis

● UX / UI update.


 Backup by Snapshot of the server found in Amazon.


● Daily / weekly report sent to the administrator with a snapshot of the entire system (summary of the main screen).

● A daily / weekly report that is sent to the employee's email with a snapshot of his / her progress and content to be completed.


● HiTeach will not disclose user information to third parties and will do everything in its power to protect users' personal information (see Security Section)

●Employees' passwords will be determined by the employees (when creating a new user, the system will send an e-mail to determine the password).

Admin Panel 

Admin Main Screen (breakdown of system status by branch, role, number of users, how many finished, how many in process and how many did not complete in time):

User Management Table + Export to Excel file (Clicking a user will lead to the screen in the next section):

Statistics for each user (when created, content completed, percentage completed, etc.):

Course Management (including role, assignment and category):

Content Management (tutorials, videos, PDFs) and sorting by categories and topics

Assign content by role and branch, and allow user permission (can edit courses? create users? And more permissions to be added later

Create users + Import users from a CSV file

User Interface

User main screen (content I've completed, content I need to do soon

User main screen (content I've completed, content I need to do soon):

Content screen (PDF / Video / Tutorial):

User Interface

Settings screen for application design (colors, logo, background image on the main screen)